Illegal Conversions

Our neighborhoods have seen a surge in illegally converted single and two family homes in recent years. Often a building goes from two family to six family after unscrupulous investors illegally renovate a house. The number one concern with these illegal conversions is safety – for those living in substandard conditions, for their neighbors and for first responders.
Justin is committed to ending new illegal conversions and bringing complete conversions up to code and within proper zoning. As a top aide to Councilman Gentile, Justin helped draft the aggravated illegal conversion law which protects vulnerable, low-income renters from greedy landlords and hits violators with stiff penalties. When enforced properly, it will stem the tide and help people currently living in substandard housing stay safe. Justin also supports legislation allowing inspectors to use visible evidence of illegal conversions (multiple electric and gas meters, etc.) to issue fines. Justin believes substandard housing is not affordable housing and thanks to Councilman Gentile’s new law, seeking to maximize profit at the expense of tenant safety is now illegal.
While it is important to stop illegal conversions, it is also important to ensure those evicted during the process do not become homeless as they are victims of unscrupulous landlords. Justin will sponsor legislation to create a system, funded through fines on illegal conversions, to house affected families.