Small Business

Did you know that if you spend $100 at a local business, about $68 stays in your neighborhood? Small businesses are not only backbone of our local economy but a big part of what keeps our neighborhoods unique. Without our independent mom & pop shops providing flavor, every neighborhood would look the same.
As a small business owner, Justin knows how hard it can be to stay afloat with rising rents, bills and insurance. That’s why Justin believes the government shouldn’t be in the business of hurting small businesses.
Our neighborhoods depend on small businesses and it is up to us to make sure these business owners are not saddled with onerous fines for violations that don’t pose any risk to customers. Whether its expanding education for small business owners or providing access to low-interest loans, Justin believes we need to do everything we can to ensure our local businesses have access to all the tools and resources they need to succeed.
As a brick-and-mortar advocate, Justin has pushed for policies that support small businesses and encourage entrepreneurship. In addition, Justin has worked closely with the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs to help local mom & pop shops comply with New York City codes and regulations in order to avoid the most common fines typically issued to small businesses.
Renting a storefront in a desirable, high-traffic location is always expensive but vacant storefronts negatively affect the landscape of our neighborhoods and the city as a whole. Rather than having some storefronts sit vacant for months or years on end, Justin believes landlords should give entrepreneurs a chance to open the business they’ve always dreamed about. Justin will create a system to incentivize landlords to rent to small businesses even if just for a short-term lease while the landlord waits for a long-term lease.