The New York City subway system is a disgrace. People who live in different states can get to Manhattan quicker than we can. But instead of investing in the system to make the trains run on time, the state has invested millions in cosmetic station upgrades. Like you, Justin thinks this is outrageous and that’s why improving public transportation is one of his top priorities. Justin knows that while stations could certainly use some tender loving care, getting to work on time is more important than bells, whistles and WiFi.
Working families, the middle class, people living in poverty, students and seniors all suffer from a lack of reliable public transportation. Do you know who doesn't suffer from a lack of reliable public transportation? The people who currently make the decisions regarding public transportation.
It is no surprise that state legislators – some who represent towns that border Canada – are the ones who are so quick to cut funds when it comes to our subways and buses. Who could blame them? They live in Buffalo. They don’t ride the R or the D to work every day and have to deal with constant delays and surprise service disruptions so they don’t care. This is why Justin has called for New York City to take back control of the subway system from Albany once and for all. Restoring city control of subways and buses is common sense and will undo a fifty-year-old political decision and ensure that New Yorkers have the last say over their transit destiny.
Justin takes either the R or the x27 to work in Manhattan everyday so he knows first-hand just how frustrating the daily commute can be. That’s why Justin will fight for better service on the R, N and D lines and more express buses during AM & PM rush hour.
Justin is the only candidate with a plan of action and a history of getting things done for commuters. Whether organizing rallies to protest service cuts, testifying before the MTA board against fare hikes or circulating petitions demanding better service, Justin has a record of tangible results when it comes to improving public transportation.
As a top aide to Councilman Vincent J. Gentile, Justin worked behind the scenes to bring back popular weekend service on the x27 and x28 express buses. Later, as a member of the Restore the B37 Bus Coalition, Justin fought alongside local residents, workers, businesses owners, community groups, elected officials, and TWU Local 100 members to bring back the B37 bus.
In 2013, Justin launched the successful “Bring Back the Bay Ridge Ferry” campaign and led the charge to bring ferry service back to the 69th Street Pier when it seemed like a distant dream. Justin organized thousands of residents to petition City Hall and the New York City Economic Development Corporation and on June 1, 2017 commuter ferry service returned to the 69th Street Pier for the first time in decades. Now, Justin is focused on getting an express ferry route that would travel from Bay Ridge directly to Wall Street during AM & PM rush hour.
As a testament to his years of advocacy, Justin has received the endorsement of the Transport Workers Union Local 100 which represents 41,000 New York City employees including those who operate trains, maintain the trains and tracks, staff the token booths, clean platforms and subway cars, and service and repair mechanical equipment such as elevators and escalators. TWU Local 100 believes that Justin would be a major ally in the fight to improve the faltering transportation system.
Whether you live in Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bath Beach or Bensonhurst, Justin believes that no New Yorker should have to travel more than an hour to get to work and he will do everything in his power to make that a reality.